Austrian Model 1854
Lorenz Socket Bayonet

This bayonet was designed for the Austrian Model 1854 Lorenz Infanteriegewehr Rifle, the first Austrian gun to use the nipple system. It was one of the most accurate short-rifles - and surpassed many long rifles - of its day. These weapons were used extensively by Confederate troops (~50,000) during the American Civil War, and also by the Union to a lesser degree. These can be easily recognized by the diagonal mortise slot in the socket and the four-edged blade, with the width being greater than the height.
These were produced from about 1854 to about 1867.
They use a leather-covered wood scabbard, iron mounts (not shown).

NOTE: The muzzle locking-ring is not correct on this example.

Austrian Model 1854 Lorenz Socket Bayonet

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