Austrian Model 1870
Sword Bayonet

This bayonet is basically the Austrian Model 1867 "Shortened" Sword Bayonet, but with the front "site" removed from the muzzle-ring and a screw-lock mechanism added.
They have black pressed-leather grips, steel crossguard, and hooked "blade-breaker" quillon (without true finial). The latching mechanism is of the external spring-steel type.
The blades are yataghan (re-curved), single-edged, and single- fullered on both sides.
The scabbards are of sheet-rolled steel, ball finial, and are usually dark "blued" finish (almost black).

These replaced the Austrian Model 1867 "Shortened" Sword Bayonet and were - in turn - replaced by the Austrian Model 1873.
All of these shortened series bayonets used the same basic scabbard.

Austrian Model 1870 Sword Bayonet
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