French Model 1892, Second Pattern Mannlicher-Berthier Infantry
"Short-Rifle" Bayonet

This is a long-knife or sword bayonet manufactured beginning in 1892 and used to about 1913. They were manufactured by various French arsenals to fit the Model 1892 Mannlicher-Berthier Short Rifle. It replaced the French Model 1886 "Lebel" Bayonet.
They are well made and can be easily identified by a third "fullered groove" in the forward rib - or back-edge, opposite the cutting edge - of the blade; occasionally French script is on the back-edge as well.
Single-edged, quality blade; black composition or wood grips.
All-metal "blued" scabbard.
There were two patterns of this model bayonet originally - the difference being the length of the muzzle-ring. The first pattern has the rear of the muzzle-ring flush with the grips; the second pattern has a muzzle-ring that extends backward - over the grips - ~1/8 of an inch.
Arsenal modified versions are known, including the French Model 1892 First Pattern "Modified" Mannlicher-Berthier Bayonet with hooked quillon removed.

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