German Model 1898 N/A Neuer Art Mauser Bayonet

The 1898 N/A is a 1898 A/A but with two-piece - instead of one-piece - wooden grips. This bayonet was the German response to the long, thin French 1886 Lebel Bayonet. The German Model 1898 N/A was manufactured from about 1902 to at least 1917.

Overall length of this bayonet is about 25-1/2"; blade length is ~20-1/4". This particular example bears the double inspector's stamps on the pommel, opposite the release button, maker's mark ALEXANDER COPPEL / SOLINGEN on the blade ricasso, and crown/W/17 (acceptance date) over an inspector's unique stamp (crown over an initial) on the blade back-edge near the hilt. I have little doubt these were also used in WWII. Variations on these Imperial German markings are commonly noted.
Unusual single-edged steel pipe-back blade with swell-point tip; about 7" false-edge towards the tip.

Scabbards were of black leather with sheet-rolled-steel throat and drag.

German Model 1898 N/A Neuer Art Mauser Bayonet, full image

View of distinctive swell-point tip


Double inspector's stamps on pommel side
(crown over an initial)

Inspection stamps on blade back-edge near cross-guard
(crown / W [monarch's initial] / 17 [acceptance date],
over an inspector's unique stamp [crown over an initial])

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