German Model 1871
"Seitengewehr" Bayonet

This is the "Seitengewehr" version of the Imperial German Infanterie-Gewehr Model 1871 Rifle Bayonet; it is very similar to the privately purchased German Model 1871 Infantry "Walking Out" Dress Bayonet variants.
The hilt grip is brass, blued steel crossguard, reversed quillons (upper quillon contains the muzzle-ring), teardrop upper and lower finials.
They can be found in several variations, some with sawbacks.
These bayonets were produced and/or modified from 1871 into WWI.

Scabbards are brass-mounted black leather.

German Model 1871
"Seitengewehr" Bayonet

German Model 1871 "Seitengewehr" Bayonet and Scabbard

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