German Model 1871 Infantry "Dress" Bayonet
(aka Model 1871 "Walking Out" Bayonet)

These were privately purchased variants of the Imperial German Infanterie-Gewehr Model 1871 Rifle Bayonet. It is also very similar to the German Model 1871 "Hirschfanger" Bayonet.
They have "rolled-on" etching with very elaborate designs. The blades are somewhat fragile in appearance and function.
The hilts are cast-brass, steel crossguard, reversed quillons (upper quillon contains the muzzle-ring).
They can be found in a number of variations; some were never intended to be placed on a rifle as the slots are removed or deleted and the springs rendered inoperative or deleted entirely.
These bayonets were produced from 1871 into WWI.

Scabbards are brass-mounted leather. and can be found in variants

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