German Model 1898/05 "Butcher" Bayonet

Model 1898/05 n/A ("high-ears" and "flash-guard") shown below.

This is a sword/knife bayonet manufactured from the period of 1905 to about 1918. They were in service through WWII. They are well made, typical of German weapons of the times.
There are a number of variations, including: sawback, sawback removed, shortened, with/without flashguard, high/low "muzzle-ring" ears, etc.
Well-made, single-edged swell-tip steel blade, wooden grips.
Designed to fit the 1898 German Mauser Carbines and Rifles.
All-metal "blued" scabbard or black-leather with steel throat and drag.

Please Note: These are currently being reproduced and offered by various distributors. Beware of these being offered as originals by secondary sources.

German Model 1898/05 "Butcher" Bayonet (with sawback, high ears) shown below.

German Model 1898/05 "Butcher" Bayonet (sawback removed, low ears) shown below.

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