German Model S84/98nA "Second Pattern" Sawback/Carbine Knife-Bayonet
(aka S84/98nA "NCO" Bayonet)

This is a S84/98nA (with flash-guard and bolt-on grips) NCO Bayonet for the Mauser Carbine. The sawback designates NCO or Non-Commissioned-Officer (aka Sergeant's) usage. According to "The German Bayonet" by John Walter, this is the standard S84/98nA.
They come in any number of variations, but the basic model is as follows: wood grips, held on by two flush screw/nut sets; short crossguard, no muzzle-ring; steel pommel "loosely considered a bird's-head" with push-button/internal-spring latch arrangement.
Blades are single-edged, single-fullered (both sides), saw on back-edge; ricasso is usually marked with either a manufacturer's trademark.
Scabbards are either of sheet-rolled steel, blued, with ball-finial or occasionally made of steel mounts on black leather.

Standard German Model S84/98 on rare WWII Hungarian K98 Mauser

Standard German Model S84/98 on rare WWII Hungarian K98 Mauser, close-up

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