Mexican Model 1899 Remington
Knife Bayonet

(aka 1899 Mexican
No.5 Rolling Block))

This is a knife bayonet from the period of 1899 to about 1909.
Manufactured by Remington Arms Co., Ilion, New York, and so marked in the blade fuller. This bayonet is very similar to the Belgian Model 1889.
Overall length is ~12-3/4".
Hilt is ~4-1/2" in length and is constructed entirely of iron (steel) with wooden grips; cross-guard is ~3-3/8" in width and utilizes a "blade-breaker" forward-swept quillon, ball finial.
Single-edged, knife blade is ~8-1/4" in length, fullered on both sides.

This bayonet was designed to fit the Mexican Contract Remington Rolling Block 7mm Rifle. These bayonets are not rare, but they are scarce in good condition; the Rolling Block rifles, even more so. They can be found with - or without - "Republic of Mexico" (sometimes "Republica Mexicana") stamped on the cross-guard. Ocassionally, the Mexican Coat of Arms is stamped on the scabbards.
The scabbards can be found either steel with integral leather frog; or leather - with steel throat and drag - and integral metal belt hook.
These bayonets will also fit a variety of other "Remington Rolling Block" carbines and rifles, namely the French contracts.

Early scabbard shown below.
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