British P1907 MkII India Pattern Bayonet
for the Mk1 "SMLE" Short Magazine Lee-Enfield

This is a short version of the British Pattern 1907, manufactured to fit the Short Magazine Lee-Enfield No.1 series Infantry Rifles used during WWII.
They are very basic in appearance and are not of the high quality stock of previously manufactured 1907 patterns. The hilt pattern no longer incorporates the steel "bird's head" pommel, but has become more squared, but still retains the push-button with internal spring latch. They have a steel crossguard, grips are of wood and are usually held in place by two screw/nut assemblies as with the original p1907. All steel parts are usually blued.
The blade is a single-edge type, single fullered (both sides) and is usually found with the ricasso portion - if not the entire blade - blued.
These are found in a number of variations, but all are basically similar.
Most will be marked RFI (Rifle Factory Ishapore) and will be stamped with GRI (Georgus Rex Imperatus) or something like that and will display WWII dates.
The scabbards are of blued steel-mounted (throat and drag only) black leather body, with a single round - or oval - "frog" stud.

British 1907 India Pattern MkII Bayonet
for the Mk1 "SMLE" Short Magazine Lee-Enfield
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