Polish Model Wz86/91 Modified Lebel or Fusil Bayonet

This is basically the the French Model 1886/93/16 Lebel Infantry Bayonet but apparently modified a bit earlier by the Polish. These are not near as common as their French counterparts.
Specifications are generally the same as the French version:

Overall length - in scabbard - is ~25-1/2";

Hilt is ~4-5/8" in length (including crossguard), ~2" at widest point (crossguard); solid brass grip; cross-guard and latching mechanism are integrated together. The handle - or grip - is held in place by a screw-nut and is removeable. Brass grip, steel cross-guard with lower quillon removed.

This blade is nothing more than a pig-sticker. It is a straight 4-edged-blade (cruciform) and is ~20-1/2" long, ~1/2" wide at ricasso, 4 full-length fullers.

Scabbard is ~21" in length; tubular steel with ball-finial.

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