Prussian Model 1809
Socket Bayonet

(Potsdam Musket Bayonet)

This is a socket bayonet manufactured from the period of 1809 to about 1839 and in variant forma thereafter. It is almost identical to the Model 1839, with the exception that the blade flutes (fullers) on the M1809 do not pass through the rear of the elbow of the blade shank; on the M1839 the flutes are machined to extend into and out the rear of the elbow shank. These bayonets are interesting in that they do not have a mortise slot - or locking ring - where they can fit over a front sight and lock. They are held in place via a notch in the lip of the socket entrance; this notch permits a mechanical/friction lock with the cleaning rod when fitted over the barrel muzzle beyond the head of the cleaning rod and rotated in place to "lock".

All metal construction.
These were designed to fit the Prussian Model 1809 - 18.57mm caliber - Potsdam Infantry Musket and variants.
Total length is ~ 21-7/8"; blade length ~18-1/2"; width of blade at widest point ~7/8"; internal diameter of socket ~3/4"; outer diameter of socket ~1".

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