Designed for the Dragunov rifle, these bayonets have a very utilitarian function. They serve as a knife, saw, and wire-cutter (barbed or electrical).

Overall length - out of scabbard - is ~11";

Overall length - in scabbard - is ~13-1/8";

Hilt is ~5-1/4" in length, ~2-1/2" at metal cross-guard. Black plastic grip with rounded pommel; bayonet-to-bar latching button on left side of pommel, button is knurled; utilizes a "lanyard" strap.

Straight, ~5-7/8" steel blade, ~1-3/16" deep and ~1/8" thick at ricasso, Bowie-type clip-point with false-edge; ~2-1/2 serrated rib; oval slot in blade for attaching to lug on scabbard - when attached function as a scissors-like wire cutter.

Black, metal scabbard, ~8" in length; rubber throat for insulation when attempting to cut "live" electrical wires; oval lug on scabbard body for attaching to oval on bayonet blade - when attached function as a scissors-like wire cutter. There is a "U" in a circle on the scabbard "drag." Accessories include retaining strap, belt loop, and scabbard clip.

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