Spanish Model 1941
Mauser "Bolo Knife" Bayonet

This is a very well made and functional knife bayonet, manufactured for the WWII era Spanish Mauser Rifles.

The hilt construction is steel, with steel "bird's head" pommel, steel crossguard with muzzle-ring as the upper quillon, lower quillon has a drum or ball finial; checkered or plain wood grips.
The blade is "bolo" shaped, single-edged, single-fullered (both sides).
Scabbard is of "blued" sheet-steel with round (oval) ball frog stud; ball finial as a drag. The blades fit somewhat sloppily in the scabbards.

There is a "matching" side-knife that was carried by NCOs in lieu of a bayonet.

Spanish Model 1941 Mauser "Bolo Knife" Bayonet

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