Swedish Model 1896 Knife Bayonet
(aka Swedish Mauser Rifle Bayonet)

This is a knife bayonet manufactured from the period of 1896 to about 1912. They were in service and maintained until after WWII. They are well made and set the pattern for knife bayonets - designed in functionality - to the present day. All metal, blued, knurled grip; the hollow cylindrical grip slides over the cleaning rod and the locking mechanism attaches to a lug on the front barrel-band; double-edged, high-quality blade; designed to fit the 1896 Swedish Mauser Rifle. All-metal "blued" scabbard, with ball finial on tip.
This bayonet is very similar to the Egyptian "Hakim" Rifle Bayonet except the Hakim has wood grips in lieu of metal.

Swedish Model 1896 with Knife Bayonet attached, overall view.
Swedish Model 1896 with Knife Bayonet attached, close-up.
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