Turkish Model 1935 (Modified 1909 Peruvian) Bayonet

This is a knife bayonet cut-down and otherwise modified from original Peruvian Model 1909 (aka German Model S98 Machine-Gunners) bayonets; these were modified sometime prior to WWII and continued to be used through that war. It was originally designed to fit the German K98 Mauser Carbine, and was sold to Peru as the Model 1909 for their Mauser contract rifles and carbines. These were later purchased and modified by the Turks, who used them on their various Mauser carbines and rifles.
All models have wood grips; steel pommel (with integral push-button latching mechanism), crossguard, and blade.
The scabbards are blued sheet-rolled-steel as with the standard Turkish Model 1890 "Shortened" Bayonet and the all-new-construction Turkish Model 1935 Knife Bayonet.

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