Turkish Model 1935 Knife Bayonet

This is an "all-new-construction" Turkish Model 1935 Knife Bayonet, designed to fit the various Turkish contract German K98 Mauser carbines and rifles.
They are very similar to the Turkish Model 1890 "Shortened" Bayonet but can be easily identified by the blade flutes (or fullers); on the Model 1890, the fullers run out of the tip, whereas on the Model 1935, the fullers are stopped before reaching the tip. These bayonets are often found with the initials AS.FA stamped in the hilt; this is the abbreviation for - and roughly translates to - the Turkish Military Arms Factory.
All models have wood grips; steel pommel (with integral push-button latching mechanism), crossguard, and blade.
The scabbards are blued sheet-rolled-steel as with the standard Turkish Model 1890 "Shortened" Bayonet and the all-new-construction Turkish Model 1935 (Modified Peruvian 1909) Bayonet.

Another example of a Turkish Model 1935 Knife Bayonet

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