U.S.A. Model 1913/17
Knife/Sword Bayonet

This is a knife/sword (too long to be a knife, too short to be a sword) bayonet manufactured beginning 1913 and was used on several firearms to WWII.
They are very similar to their predecessor - the British P1907 - but the P1907 muzzle-ring is closer the blade rib while the Model 1913/1917 sits about 1/2" above the rib; they do not interchange.
These were manufactured for the British Pattern 1913/14 Enfield .303" caliber Rifle based on the Mauser system (not to be confused with the British No.1 SMLE series which accepts the British P1907 Bayonet).
Bayonet examples made for the U.S. are secondary-stamped "U.S." and stamped below the cancelled British inspector's marks (if they existed); the reverse is stamped with the model year "1913" with manufacture month and year stamped below that. This bayonet is almost identical U.S. Model 1917 but does not bear the U.S. Military "ordnance bomb" logo.
Manufacturers were Remington and Winchester (the latter being quite scarce). Blade is made of steel, grips are of wood with two horizontal grooves cut into the sides; these can be found with or without an "oil-hole".

Scabbards were either green (olive-drab) fiberglass with steel throat or green leather body with steel throat, drag, and belt hook.

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