US Model 1942 Springfield Bayonet

These bayonets were manufactured in 1942 and 1943. They are virtually identical to the US Model 1905 and the arsenal refurbished bayonets designated the US Model 1905/42. These bayonets were intended to be used on the Springfield 03-A3 and the M1 Garand Infantry Rifles.

This particular bayonet was manufactured by Union Fork & Hoe (UFH) in 1942.

These bayonets were made to less exacting standards, and generally the blades are a bit shorter than their predecessors (~15-3/4" as opposed to ~16").
The grips are black plastic; blades were Parkerized. The blade is steel, single-stopped-fuller (both sides), single-cutting-edge with short false-edge towards the tip.
Blade ricasso is stamped with the maker - in this case UFH - over ordnance bomb flanked by U on the left and S on the right, over either 1942 or 1943. This one is stamped 1942; on the opposite side is an unknown logo or trademark and this stamp has appeared on all examples I have encountered.

Scabbards are green "plastic" but more accurately classified as fiberglass; sheet-steel throat displaying US centered in ordnance bomb logo.

Please Note: These are currently being reproduced and offered by various distributors. Beware of these being offered as originals by secondary sources.

US Model 1942 Springfield Bayonet

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