Yugoslavian Model 1924 Mauser Bayonet
(aka Yugoslavian Model 1924 "Shortened" Bayonet)

This is a knife bayonet used from the period of about 1924 into and through WWII; it was designed to fit the Czech version of the K98 German Mauser. These bayonets were exported to South America and other regions, such as Syria.
There are a number of bayonet variants, including short, long, and shortened long versions.
All models have wood grips (with attaching variations), steel pommel, crossguard, and blade.
The scabbard is of blued sheet-rolled-steel. The oval-shaped frog (aka throg) stud on the scabbard indicates this bayonet was probably exported to a South American country; perhaps Colombia.

These bayonets will fit any number of export Mauser variants.

View of the Yugoslav "Kragiyervac Arsenal" stamp on the blade ricasso.

Another, same as above, but stamped with cyrillic characters, the arsenal (Preduzece 44), on the ricasso.

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