Our Civil War Heritage
- Lest We Forget -

God Bless True Democracy and the Mississippi Voters

As of April 17, 2001 "the banner that led Confederate troops in the Civil War will remain on Mississippi's flag, as voters rejected warnings the symbol is racist and an obstacle to economic development.

By nearly a 2-1 margin, Mississippi residents voted Tuesday to keep their current state flag, defeating a proposed alternative that would have replaced the Confederate emblem in the upper left corner with a cluster of 20 stars.

With all precincts reporting, 488,630 voters, or 65 percent, favored keeping the 1894 flag, while 267,812 voters, or 35 percent, wanted to replace it."

Other States should take notice - this is the way to democratically decide; not by the politicians, but by the people. The people do not need to consider re-elections or careers, and therefore have zero need to knuckle-under to pressure applied by lobbyists and special-interest groups.

God Bless Mississippi (and of course Texas)!

Help Preserve the Confederate Flag and Monuments,
Honor the 165,000 Confederate Soldiers Who Died During the Civil War,
and the 900,000+ That Served.

Everyday - in many ways - the Civil War continues. But this is not a war of military combatants, but a war to preserve our heritage and basic freedoms. Everyday - in the war to preserve the battlefields and other historic items - a battle is lost; many more so than won. Everytime a cemetery is vandalized, everytime time a flag is hauled down, or every time a monument is desecrated or removed, our Civil War ancestors are spat upon.

Draw a line in the sand. The lives lost by the Confederacy were not - and are not - insignificant. These men deserve to be honored as with any soldier fighting for a cause, when called upon by their government to do so. Do not forget that all of the United States was made up of individual country-states. Each man had a duty to his own country-state. When the Southern States seceded, these country-states formed a new union - a Confederacy. Any dis-loyalty would have been seen as traitorous, as was the same situation in the remaining United States. This was still a time of honor; a time when country - and a way of life - was worth fighting for. A time when men stood shoulder-to-shoulder and marched headlong into murderous gunfire. And why? Not for states rights. Not for the preservation of slavery. Not for monetary gains. But for duty and the honor to serve.

To dis-honor the Confederate soldier is to dis-honor the Union Soldier. Do not diminish their heroic actions and make them appear insignificant. The numbers are anything but insignificant: Confederate: ~900,000 enlisted (of which ~165,000 died); Union: ~1,500,000 enlisted (of which ~365,000 died).

Help preserve our heritage. Remember our true history...

Deo Vindice...

My Civil War Ancestors

I am currently researching the the above listed individuals and units. If you have any information, please contact me: C. Alan Russell

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