Potts & Hunt
1856 "2-Band" Enfield
Short-Rifle (cut-down)
(believed Confederate)

Overall - Enlarged View     Lock-plate

This was originally a Potts & Hunt contract British Pattern 1856 "2-Band" Enfield Short-Rifle. It has been modified into a "sporting" or "hunting" style as was common in post-Civil War America; the need switched from rugged military arms to light, functional, and inexpensive hunting arms. The lockplate is marked "POTTS & HUNT / LONDON" although it is difficult to see in the images; I cannot find a date. Potts & Hunt Enfields were known to have been used during the American Civil War (see "Civil War Guns" by William B. Edwards). Underside of barrel is marked "P&H"; Roman numerals are also present (usually associated with the Confederacy).
Barrel has been cut-down to 30"; no sights, front or rear; stock fore-end, second barrel-band, and cleaning rod are missing. All sling-swivels are also missing; crack in stock forward of lock-plate. Original caliber is believed to have been retained (standard .577). Iron furniture except for trigger-guard and buttplate, which are brass.
The British Pattern 1856 "2-Band" Enfield Sword Bayonet would have been used with this rifle.

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