Colt Model 1847 Walker Dragoon Percussion Revolver
The Colt 1847 Walker Dragoon Percussion Revolver was .44 caliber black powder, cap and ball, with 9" round barrel. It was considered the most powerful (and perhaps the heaviest) handgun in the world until the .357 magnum was developed in 1935 (almost 90 years later). They were manufactured only in 1847.
This pistol was the result of joint efforts between Texas' own Ranger Samuel Walker and Samuel Colt. What transpired was this very powerful hand cannon, weighing over 4 pounds unloaded, and firing .44 caliber lead balls 'cast 32 to the pound.' It was intended for use against the numerous hostiles throughout the Texas frontier, inclusive of Mexican insurgents.
The main idea on the new design was that it be 'half as long as your arm' and more reliable than the exisiting revolver, the Colt Paterson (having already established itself with the Texas Rangers).
These guns went on to become famous with the Texas Rangers and also saw action in the War with Mexico and the American Civil War.
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