Japanese Type 30 Arisaka Carbine

Offered for sale is a scarce original Japanese Type 30 Carbine. These carbines (and rifles) were based upon the German Mauser action and were the brainchild of Colonel Nariake Arisaka. The prototypes were submitted in 1896 and full production began "in the 30th year of ruling Meiji-emperor", translating to the year 1897 in western calendar terms. Full approval was given to the Japanese military two years later.
These weapons saw use in Russo-Japanese war of 1904/1905 and also [reportedly] WWI and WWII. They appear to have been manufactured between 1897 and about 1902. The total production run of Type 30 infantry rifles seems to have been over 500,000 rifles, while the total production of carbines is estimated only around 40,000.
Japan sold these rifles and carbines in large numbers to Great Britain and Russia during WWI. "In Great Britain M/97 rifles were issued [to] training units, Navy and Flying Corps and known as 'Rifle, Magazine, .256 Pattern 1900.' Suffering from even more disastrous shortage of rifles the Russians could not afford to issue these rifles only as training equipment. So they issued Japanese rifles also as part of usual weaponry issued mainly to their non-frontline units, this included their troops stationed in Finland.
Finland used about 8,000 infantry rifles and a minuscule amount of carbines M/97 during the Finnish Civil War of 1918. Suojeluskunta (Finnish Civil Guard) used some in 1920's." - source Jaeger Platoon Website.

The most distinct feature is the hook-shaped safety in bolt head (other than that they appear very similar to the Japanese Type 38 series).
Based upon the German Mauser action with some Mannlicher influence, bolt-action with hook safety, 19" barrel, made from 1897 to 1902. Caliber is 6.50mm x 50R Arisaka, five-round fixed magazine with spring-loaded floor-plate.
NOTE: Cleaning rod is missing on this example.

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