Confederate "L. Pomeroy" US Flintlock/Percussion Conversion Musket

Confederate "L. Pomeroy"
US Flintlock to Percussion
Conversion .69 Caliber Musket
("CS" marked)
"Belgian Alteration"

Overall - Enlarged View     Lock-plate     Barrel Markings

This was originally a contract US Flintlock Musket manufactured by Lemuel Pomeroy. The lockplate is marked with the date "1820" followed by "US" (rear of hammer); "eagle" over "L.POMEROY" forward of hammer. It was converted at some time to percussion utilizing the "Belgian Alteration" method (nipple on top of barrel, slightly offset towards hammer). When I first obtained this piece, I presumed the marking on the barrel was "US" (as on the lock-plate); however - when I took the photos - the barrel is very clearly stamped "CS" and not "US". The stamp is consistent with the apparent age of the other markings ("eagle-head" over "P", then "CS", followed by "V"). I have never seen this variant before, but I have no reservations about the stampings; I believe them authentic. Roman numeral markings are also present on the underside of barrel, near the breech.

Original M1816 style 42" barrel length, .69 caliber. The stock appears to be a US Model 1855 type; stock fore-end is missing as are the front two barrel-bands and the ram-rod. Another area of note is the trigger-guard: it has the sling-swivel location at the rear of the trigger-guard - similar to the US Model 1855 Rifled Carbine, the Lindner Carbine "Second Type", and the "CS" Hodgkins Carbine; additionally, the trigger-guard is made of brass.

This musket is in rough condition as are most Confederate musket specimens found and very obviously assembled from various musket parts available at the time (perhaps parts captured from the Harper's Ferry Armory).

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