Prussian M1809/31 Infantry Musket (aka Potsdam Musket)

Prussian Model 1809 Infantry Musket (aka "Potsdam Musket") .71 caliber, percussion conversion, with bayonet. Prussia began large-scale conversion from flintlock to percussion circa 1839, becoming the M1809/39, but research indicates conversions may have started as early as 1831. These weapons saw service during the Napoleonic Wars and many of these were acquired during the American Civil War and were used by both sides during that conflict; this would also be considered correct for revolutionary Texas. The name "Potsdam" comes from the guns made at the Prussian Potsdam arsenal, but other manufacturing locations noted are Saarn, Neisse, Suhl, and Dresden; this one is marked Saarn.
Overall length without bayonet attached is ~56-1/2"; overall length with bayonet attached is ~76"; barrel length is ~41. Various Prussian inspection stamps overall, various locations; this example barrel is dated 1830. Fore-end cap is fitted with an unusual spring/latch mechanism for attaching a socket bayonet. Tulip-style steel ramrod.

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