Moore's Patent Firearms Company, Front-loading Revolver "Teat-Fire"

Moore's Patent Firearms Company
Front-loading Revolver
Manufactured circa 1864-1870

Cartridge type, front-loading, .32 caliber, revolver, six-shot, 3-1/2" barrel, "bird's-head" style butt, walnut grips. Approximately 20,000 manufactured. This is the 1st Model without hook extractor. Unusual "teat-fire" ignition system. Engraved brass frame, originally silver plated; barrel and cylinder were originally blued.

This example is a low 4-digit serial number. No plating remains; no bluing remaining on barrel and cylinder. Light to moderate scattered pitting on cylinder and barrel; appears to have been stored on this one side - as in a boot - in an environment where body salts were present. Resultantly pitting is heavier (moderate to heavy) on that side (left).

According to one article found on these pistols, "Quite a few of these were known to have been privately purchased by Union officers - and enlisted men - and carried during the Civil War."

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