Two Unmarked "Star & Circle" Navy Pistol 'Bag-Type' Powder Flasks

Unmarked "Star & Circle" Navy Pistol
'Bag-Type' Powder Flasks

This is called a "Star & Circle" design because of the colums/rows of stars and circles diplayed in the panel faces. The body is in the shape of a "bag."
Common tops, adjustable charger on the left (screw-off spout), fixed charge on the right (screw-off spout).
Copper body (~5-1/2" x ~1-5/8" x ~1-1/4") without hanger ringlets (these would have been in cased pistol sets); brass top; "blued" steel external spring.
This flask has been noted in cased sets of Colt "London" Model 1851 Navy Revolvers.

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