CORN or CANE Knife made from a CIVIL WAR era CAVALRY Saber
made from a

Although the various sword components are Civil War era, these were fabricated in post-Civil War times from surplused swords. These were used to cut corn stalks, cotton stalks, weeds, and underbrush during the Reconstruction period and later times.

This particular item was found in Georgia.

Overall length is ~21".
Hilt is ~5-1/4" in length and is constructed of wood (grip), with sheet steel ferrule, peened blade-tang pommel; no cross-guard; grip is patterned with 15 raised ribs or rings.
Single-edged, fullered steel blade is ~15-3/4" in length; these were cut-down from Civil War military swords and this one appears to have been a cavalry type.

These can be found in varying degrees of condition and configuration, with any number of parts from any number of various sword parts. Most are found without any type of scabbard.

If you need further information concerning markings or blades, please post your questions to me directly via E-mail.

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