Hitler Jugend (Youth) Dagger

Hitler Jugend (Youth) Dagger, Nazi Germany era. Sold to and carried by pro-Hitler youth organizations.

Original daggers should be marked - as were all Nazi political daggers (such as SA, SS, Youth, etc.) - with the circular logo containing "RZM" Reichzeugmeistereider (National Material Control Office). This was Nazi Germany's controlling organization for various manufactured products under Hitler's Third Reich. Every firm authorized to manufacture products was assigned an RZM "registration number." This number usually is placed near the RZM logo and consists of a raw material letter, a product number followed by a slash (/), and then the firm number string; occasionally this is followed by another slash (/) and a 2-digit manufacture year indicator. A typical number will appear marked as M7/25 or M7/25/42 where M7 indicates a metal fabricator and maker of daggers and knives; 25 is an example of a unique manufacturer's number commonly found on these knives; any numbers after this - as in the second example string - would be 2-digit representation of the year of manufacture - such as 42 - in this case 1942.

Watch for fakes; they are quite plentiful. CAVEAT EMPTOR!

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Hitler Jugend (Youth) Dagger

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