Caucasian or Cossack "Kindjal" Knife

Caucasian "Kindjal" Knife commonly associated with Caucasia or Caucasus (mountainous region in old USSR);
broad double-edged blade, spear point, exaggerated oval in cross-section. Wide variation in blade lengths from about 5 to 15 inches; this knife is very similar to the Qama of Georgia (a region located in the former USSR), but the Qama varies less in dimensions, especially length and is usually of better quality.

Scabbards are usually leather and may be covered with ornate hammered sheet-metal, usually silver.

This further short essay was offered by a thoughtful individual who contacted me via e-mail, "Khindjal, is not a Cossack or Russian knife, it is strictly Caucasian weapon. The Cossacks of Line living in “stanitz” along the River Terek adopted the the Caucasians weapon and customes: Cherkasska, the Khinjdal, the Shashka and Gighitovka!
The Kama of Scythians were probably the first Khindjals. Parthian ruling Persia used it, were nomadic people related to Scythians and today’s Ossets.
The Khindal is not a simple knife, it has more significance to it."

Caucasian or Cossack "Kindjal" Knife

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