US Mark 2 Combat Knife

This is another WWII design combat/utility knife, designated the US Mark 2 Combat Knife. This style knife was very sturdy in design and is still manufactured to this day. These were made by various manufacturers, but the most commonly referred to is the Kabar, which has become the generic name for these Mark 2 combat knives. Other manufacturers were: Camillus, PAL, Conetta, Utica, Kutmaster, Ontario, and Robeson. The most rare of all is the Robeson-marked USMC version.

This particular example is marked on the blade, ROBESON SHUREDGE, on the right ricasso; left side is marked USN / Mark 2.
Pommel cap is peened-on, not screwed-on; grooved-leather grip; Parkerized blade and other exposed metal.

Scabbard is correct variant use by the US Navy, and marked USN / Mk2; scabbard body is gray plastic (fiberglass); reverse is marked NORD - 8114 / B.M.Co. vp.

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