"War of 1812"
Light Artillery Officer's Sword
(aka Infantry Officer's)

This is an "Eagle-Head-Pommel" Sword from the period of the - early to middle - 1800's.
It has a brass hilt and bone grip.
On the "langet" (the extension covering the upper part or "ricasso" of the blade) is the "Federal Eagle." Virtually all swords which incorporate "langets" in this early period were imported (this one was probably German); however, due to the unique "American Eagle" pattern on the pommel, they are considered made specifically for, and classified as, American. This example has a straight blade.

Below is another example, having a curved blade, Light Artillery Officer's Saber.

If blade motif/displays are still visible, the actual branch of service the sword was intended for can be determined: Artillery would display panels depicting cannons; Infantry would display panels depicting perhaps an infantryman; Cavalry would indicate mounted horsemen, etc.; Militia Officers also carried these types and their blade motif could be something all-encompassing, such as a panoply of arms.

West Point Cadet Name Searches

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Light Artillery Officer's Saber (aka "Horse" Artillery)

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