Model 1841 Naval Cutlass

US Model 1841 Naval Cutlass

This is basically a Model 1832 Foot Artillery Sword with a "D-guard." The only other notable difference is the absence of the three stopped-fullers on both sides of the blade. The cutlass merely has a double-edge blade with a full-length medial rib (down the centerline).

The hilt is of solid brass - except for the guard - with the "Federal Eagle" cast into the pommel and "scales" or "feathers" cast into the grip.
These were carried by the Federal Navy through the Mexican War and used by the North (and variants by the South) during the Civil War.
These are usually marked by the manufacturer/location, USN and the year of manufacture. Most - if not all - were made by Ames.
The scabbards are of black leather with the seam riveted completely (brass rivets).
This cutlass was replaced by the US Model 1861 Navy Cutlass.

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