US Model 1850 "Mounted"
Field and Staff
Officer's Sword

This was the standard mounted officer's sword from 1850 to the early 1870's; it was based upon the French Model 1845 Infantry Officer's Sword.
The pattern was used by North and South during the Civil War, with obvious associated lettering changes.
This sword very closely resembles the 1850 "Foot" Officer's Sword; they were approved on the same day. The most notable difference is the prominent US on the guard (absent on the Foot Officer's Sword, present on the Staff & Field).
It also closely resembles the Model 1852 Navy Officer's Sword, the major difference being the absence of the distinct naval motif, (most notably the absence of the "dolphin's-head" on the quillon finial at the tip of the upper guard).

There are many variations, and I have owned a number of these.
This sword is based on a French pattern of the same era (as are most US Models). It has a brass hilt with a dark shagreen grip (shagreen is a granular reversed leather or skin from an animal such as seal or shark, similar to suede); this is bound by brass wire.
Again, the most notable characteristic of the hilt is the prominent "US" pierced into the right side of the basket.
These swords are tough to come by in nice condition; most of mine have been well used.

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US Model 1850 "Mounted" Field and Staff Officer's Sword

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