US Model 1872
Light Cavalry Saber

This is the second in the series of light cavalry sabers.
This sword was used in the US from about 1872 through the Indian Wars and skirmishes of the 1870's, 1880's and 1890's.
This sword, unlike it's predecessor the Model 1860 Light Cavalry, was considered a minor improvement, although many were still not satisfied. The weight of the sword was less when compared to the Model of 1840 and Model of 1860 (aka New Model). This sword was plagued with many manufacturing defects and ultimately led to the creation of a replacement, the Model of 1904. The noticeable difference is a smaller, sleek-appearing blade (almost fragile in appearance). The hilt appears to be a cross between the 1840 and 1860.
My example is very much abused and does not make a good representative image.
The Model 1872 also has several variations.

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US Model 1872 Light Cavalry Saber
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