Early Ames Mfg. Co.
Masonic Sword,
circa 1850s

This sword is a nice representative example of an early Ames Manufacturing Company Masonic society or lodge sword.
The most distinctive feature on this sword is the "cross" on the "ivory" (sometimes bone or celluloid) grip. It also has a "knight's-head" on the pommel; three-point cross-guard finials; a cross is displayed in the center of the cross-guard. The metal furniture is usually of cast brass and nickel-silver plated.
Many times the Latin words, "In Hoc Signo Vinces" ("With This Sign [Cross] You Will Conquer") will be on the blade or scabbard.
These swords are very ornate in appearance and were not intended for combat.
Fraternal, Lodge, or Society swords are relatively inexpensive to own and are fun to collect.
There are seemingly infinite variations and I have owned many.
Most are marked - usually Ames Mfg. Co. or Ames Sword Co., Henderson-Ames, Lilley, or Pettibone - and are found in infinite degrees of condition.

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