Militia Sword

This sword is a representative example of a very common Militia NCO or Sergeant's Sword, form the period of 1850-1870.
Militia Swords are very interesting to me and seem to be endless in variation.
The State Militias were the initial source for most of the early combatants in the Civil War. Many of these swords were likely carried to war at that time, as they were relatively inexpensive and their lack of combat "worthiness" was yet to be known.
I have owned a multitude of these and thoroughly enjoyed collecting them.
The one pictured is of brass hilt with "fluted" bone grip. Most are unmarked, but will occasionally bear the markings of Ames or Horstmann.
These swords are also considered "military association."

West Point Cadet Name Searches

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Militia Sword 1850-1870

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