Unidentified Sword

The following sword is another one that I cannot positively identify. It appears to be a Militia or Society Sword, from the period of about 1880 to 1920.

The hilt crossguard, ferrule, and pommel appear to be of steel and on the pommel a likeness of an eagle is perched (cast in an undetermined material).All metal hilt parts are nickel plated; the cross-guard and langet are very similar to Ames-made militia swords of the 1850-1870 period. The grip is of brown leather, wrapped in a twisted-brass wire. The cross-guard quillons have a framed scroll-like pattern; between the quillons - on the front or obverse side - is a pattern which looks like an "eight-spoked wheel" flanked by a pattern resembling feathers or leaves; The langets are in the pattern of a shield. The pommel-cap (eagle) is separate from the grip and is attached to the blade by method of peening and deforming the blade tang.

The blade is 27 7/8" long; blade cross-section is a narrow diamond shape ~ 1/8" to 3/16" in width. The blade is un-fullered; doubled edged but edges are flat, not sharpened. The sword is obviously intended for thrusting purposes as the tip is narrowed and sharp. Blade is unmarked, so maker is not immediately apparent.

The scabbard is 29 1/8" long, including drag. It is nickel-plated sheet-rolled-steel; The drag is retained by one screw (up-side) near the top. Tip of drag is in a floral and diamond pattern. Scabbard does not utilize a proper throat, scabbard employs two upper hanger ringlets.

Further thoughts -
The "eight-spoked wheel" has significance in most religions; it is an ancient symbol representing the cycle of life - often called the "Wheel of Law, Truth, and Life" - each spoke representing the "Noble Eight-fold Path" (the path consisting of the "right faith, values, speech, conduct, livelihood, endeavor, awareness, and meditation).
Wheat because it is sown, grown, and then harvested (reaped) is used to signify the cycle of "birth, life, and death, as well as re-birth."
Because of the similarity of these two symbols, I suspect this is a sword belonging to a secret society initiated after - possibly as a direct result of - the Civil War.

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