Knights of St. George Society Sword

This sword is a representative example of a Knights of St. George society or lodge sword.The most distinctive feature is the guard clamshell depicting "St. George and the Dragon".
The hilt is equipped with a knight's-head pommel; a chain is usually found as a knuckle-guard running from the knight's chin-strap to a three-point cross-guard finial.
The hilts are cast from a variety of metals but usually the grips are of brown or black leather, wrapped in ornamental brass wire or cord.
They are very ornate in appearance and were not intended for combat.
Fraternal, Lodge, or Society swords are relatively inexpensive to own and are fun to collect.
There are seemingly infinite variations and I have owned many.
Most are marked - usually Ames, Henderson-Ames, Lilley, or Pettibone - and are found in infinite degrees of condition.

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