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Updated November 19, 2003

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Below are some of my book holdings on the thoughts of the "founding fathers" and other important figures of early American society and culture.

List of Books:

"The Writings of George Washington 1745-1799"
George Washington Bicentennial Commission,
John C. Fitzpatrick, Editor
United States Government Printing Office, Washington

"The Letters of Samuel Johnson 1731-1784"
Bruce Redford, Editor,
Princeton University Press, New Jersey

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Support of President Bush

This business supports the USA, President Bush, and his Cabinet.

I cannot take credit for the following written analysis, but I wish I had researched and written it! The following was recently sent to me in an e-mail.

Subject: Who's Smarter?

"It is not necessary to agree with Ms. Cindy Osborne's political party or political views. Her comparative arguments of education, experience and background seem to me, quite compelling."

"The Hollywood group is at it again. Holding anti-war rallies, screaming about the Bush Administration, running ads in major newspapers, defaming the President and his Cabinet every chance they get, to anyone and everyone who will listen. They publicly defile them and call them names like "stupid", "morons", and "idiots". Jessica Lange went so far as to tell a crowd in Spain that she hates President Bush and is embarrassed to be an American. So, just how ignorant are these people who are running the country? Let's look at the biographies of these "stupid", "ignorant", "moronic" leaders, and then at the celebrities who are castigating them:

  • President George W. Bush:
    Received a Bachelors Degree from Yale University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He served as an F-102 pilot for the Texas Air National Guard. He began his career in the oil and gas business in Midland in 1975 and worked in the energy industry until 1986. He was elected Governor on November 8, 1994, with 53.5 percent of the vote. In a historic re-election victory, he became the first Texas Governor to be elected to consecutive four-year terms on November 3, 1998 winning 68.6 percent of the vote. In 1998 Governor Bush won 49 percent of the Hispanic vote, 27 percent of the African-American vote, 27 percent of Democrats and 65 percent of women. He won more Texas counties, 240 of 254, than any modern Republican other than Richard Nixon in 1972 and is the first Republican gubernatorial candidate to win the heavily Hispanic and Democratic border counties of El Paso, Cameron and Hidalgo. (Someone began circulating a false story about his I.Q. being lower than any other President. If you believed it, you might want to go to URBANLEGENDS.COM and see the truth.)

  • Vice President Dick Cheney:
    Earned a B.A. in 1965 and a M.A. in 1966, both in political science. Two years later, he won an American Political Science Association congressional fellowship. One of Vice President Cheney's primary duties is to share with individuals, members of Congress and foreign leaders, President Bush's vision to strengthen our economy, secure our homeland and win the War on Terrorism. In his official role as President of the Senate, Vice President Cheney regularly goes to Capital Hill to meet with Senators and members of the House of Representatives to work on the Administration's legislative goals. In his travels as Vice President, he has seen first hand the great demands the war on terrorism is placing on the men and women of our military, and he is proud of the tremendous job they are doing for the United States of America.

  • Secretary of State Colin Powell:
    Educated in the New York City public schools, graduating from the City College of New York (CCNY), where he earned a Bachelor's Degree in geology. He also participated in ROTC at CCNY and received a commission as an Army second lieutenant upon graduation in June 1958. His further academic achievements include a Master of Business Administration Degree from George Washington University. Secretary Powell is the recipient of numerous U.S. and foreign military awards and decorations. Secretary Powell's civilian awards include two Presidential Medals of Freedom, the President's Citizens Medal, the Congressional Gold Medal, the Secretary of State Distinguished Service Medal, and the Secretary of Energy Distinguished Service Medal. Several schools and other institutions have been named in his honor and he holds honorary degrees from universities and colleges across the country. (Note: He retired as Four Star General in the United States Army)

  • Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld:
    Attended Princeton University on Scholarship (AB, 1954) and served in the U.S. Navy (1954-57) as a Naval aviator; Congressional Assistant to Rep. Robert Griffin (R-MI), 1957-59; U.S. Representative, Illinois, 1962-69; Assistant to the President, Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity, Director of the Cost of Living Council, 1969-74; U.S. Ambassador to NATO, 1973-74; head of Presidential Transition Team, 1974; Assistant to the President, Director of White House Office of Operations, White House Chief of Staff, 1974-77; Secretary of Defense, 1975-77.

  • Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge:
    Raised in a working class family in veterans' public housing in Erie. He earned a scholarship to Harvard, graduating with honors in 1967. After his first year at The Dickinson School of Law, he was drafted into the U.S. Army, where he served as an infantry staff sergeant in Vietnam, earning the Bronze Star for Valor. After returning to Pennsylvania, he earned his Law Degree and was in private practice before becoming Assistant District Attorney in Erie County. He was elected to Congress in 1982. He was the first enlisted Vietnam combat veteran elected to the U.S. House, and was overwhelmingly re-elected six times.

  • National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice:
    Earned her Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa, from the University of Denver in 1974; her Master's from the University of Notre Dame in 1975; and her Ph.D. from the Graduate School of International Studies at the University of Denver in 1981.
    (Note: Rice enrolled at the University of Denver at the age of 15, graduating at 19 with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science (Cum Laude). She earned a Master's Degree at the University of Notre Dame and a Doctorate from the University of Denver's Graduate School of International Studies. Both of her advanced degrees are also in Political Science.) She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and has been awarded Honorary Doctorates from Morehouse College in 1991, the University of Alabama in 1994, and the University of Notre Dame in 1995. At Stanford, she has been a member of the Center for International Security and Arms Control, a Senior Fellow of the Institute for International Studies, and a Fellow (by courtesy) of the Hoover Institution.! Her books include Germany Unified and Europe Transformed (1995) with Philip Zelikow, The Gorbachev Era (1986) with Alexander Dallin, and Uncertain Allegiance: The Soviet Union and the Czechoslovak Army (1984). She also has written numerous articles on Soviet and East European foreign and defense policy, and has addressed audiences in settings ranging from the U.S. Ambassador's Residence in Moscow to the Commonwealth Club to the 1992 and 2000 Republican National Conventions. From 1989 through March 1991, the period of German reunification and the final days of the Soviet Union, she served in the Bush Administration as Director, and then Senior Director, of Soviet and East European Affairs in the National Security Council, and a Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs. In 1986, while an international affairs fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations, she served as Special Assistant to the Director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In 1997, she served on the Federal Advisory Committee on Gender -- Integrated Training in the Military. She was a member of the boards of directors for the Chevron Corporation, the Charles Schwab Corporation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the University of Notre Dame, the International Advisory Council of J.P. Morgan and the San Francisco Symphony Board of Governors. She was a Founding Board member of the Center for a New Generation, an educational support fund for schools in East Palo Alto and East Menlo Park, California and was Vice President of the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula. In addition, her past board service has encompassed such organizations as Transamerica Corporation, Hewlett Packard, the Carnegie Corporation, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, The Rand Corporation, the National Council for Soviet and East European Studies, the Mid-Peninsula Urban Coalition and KQED, public broadcasting for San Francisco. Born November 14, 1954 in Birmingham, Alabama, she resides in Washington, D.C.

So who are these celebrities? What is their education? What is their experience in affairs of State or in National Security? While I will defend to the death their right to express their opinions, I think that if they are going to call into question the intelligence of our leaders, we should also have all the facts on their educations and background:

  • Barbra Streisand: Completed high school; Career: Singing and acting

  • Cher: Dropped out of school in 9th grade; Career: Singing and acting

  • Martin Sheen: Flunked exam to enter University of Dayton; Career: Acting

  • Jessica Lange: Dropped out college mid-freshman year; Career: Acting

  • Alec Baldwin: Dropped out of George Washington U. after scandal; Career: Acting

  • Julia Roberts: Completed high school; Career: Acting

  • Sean Penn: Completed High school; Career: Acting

  • Susan Sarandon: Degree in Drama from Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.; Career: Acting

  • Ed Asner: Completed High school; Career: Acting

  • George Clooney: Dropped out of University of Kentucky; Career: Acting

  • Michael Moore: Dropped out first year University of Michigan; Career: Movie Director

  • Sarah Jessica Parker: Completed High School; Career: Acting

  • Jennifer Anniston: Completed High School; Career: Acting

  • Mike Farrell: Completed High school; Career: Acting

  • Janeane Garofelo: Dropped out of College; Career: Stand up comedienne

  • Larry Hagman: Attended Bard College for one year; Career: Acting

While comparing the education and experience of these two groups, we should also remember that President Bush and his cabinet are briefed daily, even hourly, on the War on Terror and threats to our security. They are privy to information gathered around the world concerning the Middle East, the threats to America, the intentions of terrorists and terrorist-supporting governments. They are in constant communication with the CIA, the FBI, Interpol, NATO, The United Nations, our own military, and that of our allies around the world. We cannot simply believe that we have full knowledge of the threats because we watch CNN!! We cannot believe that we are in any way as informed as our leaders.

These celebrities have no intelligence-gathering agents, no fact-finding groups, no insight into the minds of those who would destroy our country. They only have a deep seated hatred for all things Republican. By nature, and no one knows quite why, the Hollywood elitists detest Conservative views and anything that supports or uplifts the United States of America. The silence was deafening from the Left when Bill Clinton bombed a pharmaceutical factory outside of Khartoum, or when he attacked the Bosnian Serbs in 1995 and 1999. He bombed Serbia itself to get Slobodan Milosevic out of Kosovo, and not a single peace rally was held. When our Rangers were ambushed in Somalia and 18 young American lives were lost, not a peep was heard from Hollywood. Yet now, after our nation has been attacked on its own soil, after 3,000 Americans were killed, by freedom-hating terrorists, while going about their routine lives, they want to hold rallies against the war. Why the change? Because an honest, God-fearing Republican sits in the White House. Another irony is that in 1987, when Ronald Reagan was in office, the Hollywood group aligned themselves with disarmament groups like SANE, FREEZE and PEACE ACTION, urging our own government to disarm and freeze the manufacturing of any further nuclear weapons, in order to promote world peace. It is curious that now, even after we have heard all the evidence that Saddam Hussein has chemical, biological and is very close to obtaining nuclear weapons, there is no cry from this group for HIM to disarm. They believe we should leave him alone in his quest for these weapons of mass destruction, even though it is certain that these deadly weapons will eventually be used against us in our own cities.

So why the hype out of Hollywood? Could these celebrities believe that since they draw such astronomical salaries, they are entitled to also determine the course of our Nation? That they can make viable decisions concerning war and peace? Did Michael Moore have the backing of the Nation when he recently thanked France, on our behalf, for being a "good enough friend to tell us we were wrong"? I know for certain he was not speaking for me. Does Sean Penn fancy himself a Diplomat, in going to Iraq when we are just weeks away from war? Does he believe that his High School Diploma gives him the knowledge (and the right) to go to a country that is controlled by a maniacal dictator, and speak on behalf of the American people? Or is it the fact that he pulls in more money per year than the average American worker will see in a lifetime? Does his bank account give him clout?

The ultimate irony is that many of these celebrities have made a shambles of their own lives, with drug abuse, alcoholism, numerous marriages and divorces, scrapes with the law, publicized temper tantrums, etc. How dare they pretend to know what is best for an entire nation! What is even more bizarre is how many people in this country will listen and accept their views, simply because they liked them in a certain movie, or have fond memories of an old television sitcom!

It is time for us, as citizens of the United States, to educate ourselves about the world around us. If future generations are going to enjoy the freedoms that our forefathers bequeathed us, if they are ever to know peace in their own country and their world, to live without fear of terrorism striking in their own cities, we must assure that this nation remains strong. We must make certain that those who would destroy us are made aware of the severe consequences that will befall them.

Yes, it is a wonderful dream to sit down with dictators and terrorists and join hands, singing Cumbaya and talking of world peace. But it is not real. We did not stop Adolf Hitler from taking over the entire continent of Europe by simply talking to him. We sent our best and brightest, with the strength and determination that this Country is known for, and defeated the Nazi regime. President John F. Kennedy did not stop the Soviet ships from unloading their nuclear missiles in Cuba in 1962 with mere words. He stopped them with action, and threat of immediate war if the ships did not turn around. We did not end the Cold War with conferences. It ended with the strong belief of President Ronald Reagan... PEACE through STRENGTH.

Honestly written, no diatribe, just the facts, simply stated. How could one draw any conclusion other than "What fools are they who would ignore the facts, worse would pretend statements of fact without evidence?" Sounds like candidates for Dictatorship!"

by Cindy Osborn

The War in Iraq

This business supports our Troops. To Hell with the whiners and traitors.

It was only a matter of time till a President arose that was strong enough to confront the menacing Iraqi Saddam Hussein Regime. This endeavor became necessary when the pitiful United Nations failed to enforce its own resolutions, rendering itself ineffective against rogue regimes. Because of this, we must face the challenge alone, save a few staunch allies. This is truly a coalition of the willing.

The US soldier that attacked fellow servicemen is a traitor to our nation. This converted Muslim should be court-martialed for treason and murder, then hung!

Our Staunch Allies

God Save the Queen (and Tony Blair)!

Generalissimo Franco is alive (and on our side)!

Thank God for Portugal. They gave us Columbus and a true modern-day ally!

Our Traitorous Allies?

It has been quoted, "You can bet the French will always be there when they need us!" How true, how true! But you can bet they do not need us to find where they have been profiting from selling arms to the Iraqis, capability of inflicting serious harm on our forces. Using the guise of friendship, they courted us into sharing our military secrets so they could profit from the sales to rogue nations. The French government should be ashamed. But why be ashamed of this now? They have never accepted shame, nor morals! Do not be surprised when it is found that France supplied chemicals, arms, electronics, and military advisors to Iraq.

Patton may have been correct in his assessment of Russia. We should have kicked them in the butt while we had the resources in position to do so at the close of World War II.

The true colors of Russia came bleeding through with the information about sales of high-tech arms being sold to Iraq. Now we know why they did not want Iraq to be throughly inspected; some dirt would have been uncovered about their involvement in the Iraqi development of sophisticated military wepaons.

I received this is an e-mail: "You know that the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, the Swiss hold the America's Cup, France is accusing the US of arrogance, and Germany doesn't want to go to war."

The US soldier that attacked fellow servicemen is a traitor to our nation. This converted Muslim should be court-martialed for treason and murder, then hung!

The Pledge of Allegiance

This business supports the United States of America, its Flag, a belief in God Almighty, and the Pledge of Allegiance.

The True Pledge of Allegiance

    I Pledge Allegiance, to the Flag, of the United States of America,

    And to the Republic, for which It stands,

    One Nation, Under GOD, Indivisible,

    With Liberty and Justice for All.

I have this to say to the bleeding-heart, whiney-mouthed liberal cowards - who by the way probably voted for Bill Clinton and Al Gore - "Love it or Leave it!".
If you do not have a belief in God Almighty, then you cannot believe in the United States of America.
If you cannot accept the Pledge of Allegiance, then you are very welcome to leave this country and go somewhere else to live. Go where the economies are controlled by egotistical dictators and - even worse - where anarchy reigns supreme. Better still, just Go to Hell! Try to live and prosper in that environment - you bunch of soulless, self-centered abominations! You are the homeland enemy that will destroy this country from within; our destruction will not come from a foreign enemy, but from you! Upon that event, to whom will you go crying when our culture and government - for which our ancestors lived and died - are so corrupted with your selfish immoral beliefs that it can no longer consistently and effectively function? What will you do when the system implodes, crumbles from within, because it no longer has the moral fiber to support a legitimate infrastructure?
I pity you!
The sad part about this is - you will be protected by the very individuals and policies you are trying to destroy. It is the aggregate moral conscience of this nation of individuals that will defend you in times of war and in times of peace. That is what makes this country unique and great. But without a moral consciousness, your right to exist - and disagree with the system - would be terminated by the nearest hooligan, gang, or militant warlord who felt your petty insignificant carbon carcass was expendable, without recourse, and nothing more than a boil on their backside, to be lanced at will.
Thank your lucky stars that you are here in the USA; better still, THANK GOD!

Please explain to me why the following "Black Pledge of Allegiance" is acceptable in public school - as it was posted on a website of a US Government-funded overwhelmingly black school district Millwood Public Schools, Oklahoma City - while the American Pledge of Allegiance is being debated?
Pay heed my friends; pay very close attention:

The Black Pledge of Allegiance

    We pledge allegiance of the red, black and green, Our flag, the symbol of our eternal struggle,

    and to the land we must obtain.

    One nation of Black people,

    with one God for us all,

    Totally united in the struggle for Black Love,

    Black Freedom, and Black determination.

How can this obviously belligerent pledge be acceptable and the true American Pledge of Allegiance be unacceptable?
Is this not racism - and anti-Americanism - in its purist form?

My Favorite Quotes

  • "Never ride faster than your Angels can fly."

  • "Live life in such a manner that death need not be feared."

  • "Get there first with the most," Nathan Bedford Forrest

The Terrorist Attacks on the USA

  • Utterly despicable in design and result. These acts - especially under the pretense of a "Holy War" - are UNHOLY to the core. The perpetrators will surely burn in HELL!

  • President Bush has the backing of this individual and this business. He was correct to state that there should be no distinction between the Terrorist's and the countries that embrace and harbor them.

  • Vengeance will be ours; God will have to wait for his turn!

The US Energy Crisis and Policy

  • Fact is, no true policy exists. The only policy most Americans have is, "I don't care if there's a shortage. Why must it affect me? If I have the money to pay for it myself, the heck with everyone else! If I can't afford it, there ought to be a law making it affordable, so that I can waste even more!" Very obviously, this is an unacceptable approach.
    Until we - as Americans - realize that oil reserves will be exhausted in the very near future - and that we are the only ones responsible for the American energy crisis - we will never have a comprehensive policy that will be acceptable and functional. We are wasteful, non-efficient gluttonous users of all the world's energy resources. We care only for self, regardless of the global impact.

  • Until we realize that we need to reduce the amount of automobiles on the road, build energy-efficient, environmentally friendly homes and other structures, work closer to home - or perhaps in the home - we will always have an impending energy crisis.

  • With current policy - endorsed by the voters themselves - any nation with the power to produce oil - and currently a supplier of large amounts of crude oil to the United States - could bring this nation to its knees. We would be helpless to prevent it. What could we do? How could we prevent it? Are we to say, "You must sell us oil or we will invade and take over your own country's natural resources..."? That is a very frightening scenario. Wake up America! Stop being so wasteful of our very limited resources. Think of our future generations. If you choose not to consider them, then perhaps there will be no future generations.

The Mississippi Flag Vote

  • God Bless the Mississippi Voters and True Democracy!

The Cincinnati Riots and Related

  • The outbursts and rioting by the minorities and their cohorts in crime are intolerable. The system works if you let it; justice will prevail. You cannot take the law into your own hands any time and/or every time you feel that you have been wronged. This is true evidence of a people or culture out of control.
    Although the policeman involved in the shooting-death of the black youth might have used excessive force, it does not give license to bands of lunatic savages to destroy property and harm others. Get control and join the civilized world or you will end up no better off than peoples under the dictatorial or anarchist rule associated with third-world countries!

  • It was well-known that the black youth had a substantial police record and had any number warrants out for his arrest. Why was he running? Was he armed? Was he luring the officer into a life-threatening situation? Was the officer's life placed in jeopardy?

  • We all have an obligation to abide by the law; and that begins with the civilian. We are all born civilians. We decide whether or not to become civil servants. The average civilian will occasionally fall outside the letter of the law but remain within the intent; however, when caught in the act of flagrant repeated violations, one can only assume that a pattern of behavior is being developed that borders habitual criminality. Where does it end? I would venture to say that when an individual runs from the law - black or white - the intent is to avoid prosecution and adherence to law; this suggests a desire to continue a path of lawlessness with impunity.

  • This occurrence is very similar to what happened after the Rodney King verdict. The destruction to property and the assaults on whites at the hands of blacks were absolutely unacceptable. The video images of white motorists being pulled from their cars, beaten savagely and chased by rock-throwing black men; the images of Reginald Denny being pulled from his truck by black thugs beating him senseless, one of the black men actually slamming a brick into the face and head of Mr. Denny, attempting to inflict maximum damage regardless of the consequences. After this the attacker performed some sort of tribal victory blood dance over the motionless body of Mr. Denny; another black reached into the pocket of Mr. Denny and stole his wallet! These individuals were later located and prosecuted; however, they were not found guilty of attempted murder but of simple mayhem! How can that be? The clear intent of the assailant was to inflict maximum damage to Mr. Denny; if death resulted, it was of little consequence. How could this not be an attempted murder? Even after seeing this on television, did the white people riot when the black men were found not-guilty of murder? Of course not! Although the police appeared to have used excessive force on Mr. King, it was clear that their intent was not to kill him (they had guns); such is not the case with Mr. Denny.

  • What will happen in Cincinnati if the white police officer is not convicted of a crime - such as murder or voluntary-manslaughter or even no-billed - after his hearing or trial for the shooting-death of the black youth? Wake up Cincinnati. This is only the beginning if you allow mob control!

  • What would have happened if O.J. Simpson had been found guilty (and I believe we all think - to some degree - that he actually is or at least shared a major part of complicity)? Mr. Simpson did not stand a chance until an over-played "race card" was dealt from the bottom of the deck. These issues are not racial, but judicial issues being made racial.

The Recent Destruction of
'The World's Antiquities'
by the Taliban

The words of an acquaintance - who may wish to remain anonymous - with whom I agree whole-heartedly:

"The Taliban are ignorant, complex-ridden, arrogant, and stupid, all in the mission of a misguided fundamentalist world-view which is anything but Islamic. Other people and peoples often display two, or even three, of these unfortunate characteristics, but the Taliban might be unique in modern times for combining all four so perfectly.
They do not understand that their curatorship of Afghanistan is temporary, and that what they are doing (and not just in the realm of destroying antiquities - they have, e.g., taken all women out of the schools, which will dumb down the population severely, a la Pol Pot in the '70s) will hobble the country for generations.
The stupidity of this is breathtaking."

Very eloquently put; I could not have said it better myself!


  • Why is it considered racism when white people organize, protest, or speak-out, but not when black people organize, protest, and speak-out?

  • It is my opinion that everyone is racist (most will not admit it).

  • Racism is not a problem when it is confined to personal thoughts or when discussed in a civil open forum; it only becomes a problem when an action is taken - such as deprivation of basic human rights as defined by law - causing the action to become highlighted and therefore destructive to society.

  • Governments are inherently racist. Any public institution - government or otherwise - that systematically collects cultural or racial data - and makes decisions based upon this data - is inherently racist or discriminatory - by creed, mission, or purpose.

  • Any private institution - such as the KKK or the NAACP - that seeks to advance one culture - or race - over another is racist by creed, mission, and/or purpose.

  • I just wanted to clarify one point - there is no scientific evidence of individual "races" in the "Human Race." What does exist are variations in genetic makeup, caused by either diversity in the gene pool or isolation in the gene pool. The only real issue is not race, but culture; we will always have cultural differences.
    I believe the root of racism is cultural association with color or other genetic traits. I also believe the need to mingle with like cultures - and colors - is a very primal thing and comes from the basic need for preservation of self. We tend to mate with partners most like ourselves with our ideals - and cultural association - similar to our own.
    Like with other creatures on this planet - and presumed throughout the universe - the drive of self-preservation and proliferation of genetic seed is a very basic instinct. And like these other creatures, aggression begets aggression and wherein the real problem persists. Actions are perceived differently by culture; what one culture may deem belligerent, another may not. This may or may not be as a result of an isolated gene pool; however it is very likely that it varies from culture to culture where isolated gene pools exist.

    We - as humans - are separated from other animals supposedly because of our superior intellect. However, most animals have a built-in sense of danger; therefore self-preservation and protective instincts are a given. However, we - as humans - are not allowed this trait and therefore, encouraged to suppress such. It should be a very natural thing to be wary of differences; after all, are we not of superior intellect? Are we not able to determine what is a threat and what is not? Animals know certain colors indicate a threat to their well-being. Is this not a very primal basic instinct that we are unable - as humans of superior intellect - to decipher and grasp the meaning of or accept as warning signs at this time? Sickle-cell anemia is most commonly associated with black-skinned peoples; is the conflict with black- and white-skinned peoples a very primal warning sign indicating a disorder which is already biologically and physiologically known? Is this something that the intellectual part of the brain has yet to grasp? Are there other unknown biological differences that the body's auto-pilot is trying to warn about? Is the only real defining difference in species whether or not two races or sub-species can produce healthy offspring? Are we nothing more than dogs? Dogs - during mating times - do not care about size, color, breed, pedigree, or whatever in the process of mating. In fact I have seen them try and mate with just about anything, both animate and inanimate objects - animal, vegetable, or mineral! We - as humans - are supposed to be above this; are we - in reality - any different? I believe we are and that is why it is natural for humans to want to select a mate that is most like their "own kind." No governing agency or entity should try to impose anything different or contrary to this basic instinct. We are not a huge genetic experiment nor are we just laboratory rats!

  • This was posted on a website of a US Government-funded overwhelmingly black school district - Millwood Public Schools, Oklahoma City:

    Black Pledge of Allegiance

    "We pledge allegiance of the red, black and green Our flag, the symbol of our eternal struggle,

    and to the land we must obtain.

    One nation of Black people,

    with one God for us all,

    Totally united in the struggle for Black Love,

    Black Freedom, and Black determination."

    Is this not racism in its purist form?

    These comments are intended to provoke thought and not promote "racism."

The 2000 Elections

  • No single group was disenfranchised. The ballots - even the infamous butterfly ballot - were not oriented in such a manner that favored one group over another.

  • To bring charges of racism into this election is irresponsible at best; explosive at worst.

  • Machine counts are unbiased and impartial; machines only call ballots - by design - as the electronics and mechanics see them. Humans are typically biased and can be much more easily swayed or influenced by external - and internal - pressure to correct a perception of wrong; righting a wrong - so to speak - at the expense of moral right for personal self gratification.

  • A bump in ballot does not equal a vote as with a true clear hole in a punch-through ballot. A bump - not a hole - could mean that the original intent of the voter may have been one candidate, but at the last minute, changed their mind and decided for another candidate or none at all. Since this is a secret ballot, no one can assume how a voter-citizen voted based upon a ballot that cannot be traced to a particular voter-citizen.

  • Electing a president is serious business; it is real. I get the impression that the Democratic Party wants to play it like a computer war-game: save the game before a battle; if you do not win or get the outcome as desired, restart the game and try again until the outcome is as desired. That is not reality. In reality there are deadlines and closure; end of situation.

  • The Democratic Party continues to state that the will of the people must be heard; we all know that it is the will of the Democratic Party that is wanting to be heard. The people are of secondary importance.

  • The Electoral College is a very important part of our American Democracy and Constitution. Without the Electoral College, one group - ethnic origin, cultural orientation, race, etc. - would have control over the nation and the diverse majority would not be heard. Every state must be heard individually, as every state will have an opinion based upon the cultural influence of the region. A heavily populated state might have a large electoral count - due to heavy population - but it will not necessarily control the election as in this 2000 Election. The popular vote is separated by only 200,000 votes. Given that - in a popular vote alone - populous states such as California, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas alone could control the will of the nation. This just cannot be, as the voices of diversity over this vast nation might never be considered.

Slave Reparations

  • In a nutshell - preposterous; ridiculously absurd in its entirety! Talk about re-opening a wound! Give it a rest and let it be!

  • Lets all move back to where we came from - the commonly accepted location of the origin of man - somewhere in or near Africa.
    Give the USA back to the Indians, British, and French, etc., whom - in turn - must give it back to the various other prior indigenous peoples (find that Last Mohican), who must return the land to the Mastodon, etc., etc., and make reparations.
    All current habitants must make a mass Exodus to their ancestral homes. Since it is highly unlikely that our original regions remain in the same state as when left, it will become necessary to effect the ouster of the peoples now residing there and have them move to their original ancestral homes.
    The Celts, Picts, Scots, Spanish, French, Germans, Japanese, Italians, Chinese, Arabs, Africans, etc., etc., must all now uproot or be uprooted by the domino effect being created.
    Give Texas back to Mexico, whom in turn must give it back to Spain, who in turn must give it back to the various prior indigenous peoples and make reparations;
    Give all the Latin American countries back to the various indigenous peoples present before the Spanish Conquest; in turn the Aztecs, Incas, Mayans, Toltecs, etc., etc., must migrate back to their ancestral birthplaces and leave the various countries to the animals they dispossessed (whom in turn must make reparations to the plants (if herbivorous), other animals (if carnivorous), or both (if omnivorous).
    The Jews must return to Egypt, venture back through the Wilderness, and then somehow locate the Garden of Eden to effect final resolution of the effect.

  • Proposed Slave Reparations have been compared to the reparations made to the Jews affected by Germany during WWII and the Japanese confinements in the USA during the same period; but there are major differences. The slave owners were not in the practice of committing genocide. Never has there been even a hint of Government-sponsored systematic collection, imprisonment, and mass execution of slaves in the USA or CSA. In fact, this would have been against every basic principle and reason for owning slaves. Why would one obtain slaves just to eliminate them? Fact is, this was not a common practice; it was not financially permissable. It was not a common practice then - nor is it a common practice today - for a business or individual to destroy or damage the very equipment or property that permits it to remain viable and solvent.
    As far as the Japanese, this was a paranoia of the times and an ensuing over-reaction. This was a situation in which a government restricted the movements of - and confined its own - citizens. Nothing could be further separated than the case made for slaves. Slaves were not citizens and had no rights by law at the time; they were personal property. History shows that slavery would have eventually changed - perhaps even more quickly - without a bloody Civil War in which hundreds of thousands of American lives were lost; the vast majority white in color and of European descent. The constantly changing economy and innovations in technology would have brought forth a more speedy result - and less mortal - than a Civil War.
    And by the way, "Where are the reparations to the families - such as mine - that lost wealth and property due to corrupt politicians and carpetbagger policies invoked during so-called 'reconstruction' and the ensuing 'Rape of the South' by a vindictive and unjust Andrew Johnson administration?" Where are the reparations to the merchants and landowners affected by the 'scorched-earth' policies of the cowardly arsonist William T[orch] Sherman? This murderer made war on civilians!

  • Contrary to distorted historical information being circulated, the African peoples were not overthrown and enslaved in the USA. Africa was not invaded by Americans. The few Americans that did actively engage in the slave trade did not invade Africa, did not take prisoners as spoils of war, and did not ship slaves off to America for profit. In fact, in most cases, the African people - the victorious warlords of the many various tribal wars - sold or traded their defeated rival(s) and neighbors into slavery prior to the long journey into the USA. What better way to be rid of a troublesome rival than to profit from their land gains and from European monies paid for slaves? This was a win-win situation and an all-too-common practice in all regions of all the world throughout history, recorded and presumed before written record.
    What about war reparations from those rival tribes who originally enslaved their conquered weaker neighbors?
    What would have been the fate of these vanquished rival tribes if not sold into slavery by their African masters? Remain in captivity and be slaves to an African taskmaster? Be put to death? Tortured? The best possible alternative - given the options at the time - appears to be a chance for life elsewhere. Where else - but in the fledgling United States of America - could a conquered and defeated people become strong again; to thrive and perhaps return to reclaim lost territory? Should reparations be awarded for making a people stronger?

  • Take another scenario: Should all descendants of peoples conquered and enslaved by the Romans demand that Italy make reparations to this day? I think not!

The Clintons

  • I have only these thoughts. They are corrupt - past, present, future - and have set - in fact still setting - a new standard in unethical and immoral behavior for our public officials.
    I will say this for them: They have an uncanny way of telling lies and getting people to believe them; but this is just a well-rehearsed practice in their lives - buying people off. This is not always done with money; often times it is done with favors and promises. The people who have the most to gain - from either source of bribery - are the ones who believe and follow; often times, these very same people have their own "skeletons" to hide.

Our Government

  • Fear it, for you are helpless to stand against it!

Jesse Jackson

  • Perhaps the best-known bigot and racist of all time - with the exception of Archie Bunker - and yet he continually gets away with it.

  • He was able - once again - to extort money from a corporation because they did not have the backbone to stand up to his insidious games behind a facade of "racism." How can one person make such a mockery of the US legal system. He should be indicted for extortion and conspiracy. In case you did not know: Jesse Jackson and his apprentices managed to wrangle another fortune from a corporate giant - Toyota. He managed to get Toyota to pay ~$600,000 for not suing them over an advertisement that Jesse said was "racist" in content;....please.....!!!!! We all know that this money will only go to line his pockets and to promote additional true racism. I believe that all advertisements should not portray any humans or human-like characteristics; that should stop all this...right...? Wait, would it not be considered racist if only "black" vehicles were used; or even worse, all white?!?

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