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  • We will never send bulk e-mail to the Internet.
  • We will never send e-mail to anyone without first being contacted by another e-mail address, and then only responding to that e-mail address; we may occasionally contact other e-mail addresses for information about a product or offering during normal course of business.
  • If you are receiving unsolicited e-mails from any e-mail address originating from, please contact C. Alan Russell : We will investigate. You may be the victim of an Internet virus.
  • Please do not open e-mails appearing to be from us unless you have some reason to be in contact with us. Additionally, always make sure your virus protection on your computer is on and up-to-date.
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  • If you receive any e-mails with the following information:
    *-*-* Mail_Scanner: No Virus
    *-*-* ARMS2ARMOR- Anti_Virus Service
    These e-mails did not originate with us; this is a scam and any e-mails, especially e-mails with attachments, should not be opened or heeded. We do not offer an anti-virus service.
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