Turkish Model 1890 Shortened Bayonet

This is a knife bayonet cut-down from the original Turkish Model 1890 Sword Bayonet; they were modified sometime during WWI and continued to be used into WWII. It was originally designed to fit the Turkish Model 1890 Mauser Rifle, but will fit most of the Turkish and other export Mausers of the WWI-WWII era.
There are a number of bayonet variants, including with or without (example shown) hooked "blade-breaker" lower quillon.
The Turkish Model 1935 is very similar.

All models have wood grips; steel pommel (with integral push-button latching mechanism), crossguard, and blade.
The scabbards can be found either with steel-mounted leather or blued sheet-rolled-steel.

View of "tughra" or "toughra" (Seal of the Turkish Sultan) on the blade ricasso.

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