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[The] Battle of Britain


By David Alan Johnson

Copyright 1998 by David Alan Johnson.
ISBN: 0-938289-88-8
Printed in the United States of America.

(from the dust-jacket end-flaps)

The latest in the Great Campaigns series, The Battle of Britain, by David Alan Johnson, the renowned author of The London Blitz and V for Vengeance, brings fresh insight and new sources to this compelling account of World War II's most famous air campaign.

Due to United States neutrality early in the war, the full extent of American involvement in the Royal Air Force was concealed at the time, a cover-up that has continued by inertia up to the present day. After a long and careful search of U.S. service and burial records, the author reveals the true origin of many "Canadian" pilots in the RAF and argues that considerable information on wartime decorations needs to be updated to do justice to participants.

Throughout the summer and fall of 1940, Britain stood alone against a triumphant Nazi Germany. While German ground troops assembled at ports in occupied France, the Luftwaffe battled the Royal Air Force for the air superiority over the Channel necessary for a successful invasion. Britain's strategy: Fight the Germans to a temporary standstill, and wage a diplomatic campaign for increased American involvement.

"The Royal Air Force did not win the Battle of Britain as much as the Luftwaffe lost it," argues the author, focusing on German vacillation, Hermann Goring's lack of qualification for modern air operations and Hitler's fatal decision to stop attacking vulnerable British airfields in favor of futile bombings of London.

Special sidebars profile the major aircraft in use by both sides, examine the contribution of radar and British code-breaking, and present information that will be new to many on the participation of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force. Britain's campaign to influence American public opinion is also examined in detail.

The author's fast-paced narrative is backed up by 50 illustrations, many of them not widely seen before, and specially commissioned mars show the British radar net, the proposed German "Sea Lion" landings and the ebb and flow of the various stages of the battle.

David Alan Johnson has written several classic studies of British aerial operations in World War II. In recent years he has lived in the United States, where he has made an extensive study of American involvement in the RAF.

Hard-back book measures roughly ~5-1/4" by ~9-3/8" (portrait); ~1" thick; 408 pages; no tears or folds in pages; binding fully intact. Book and dust-jacket are in very-fine "NEW" condition.

Price is $15.99 U.S., (originally published at $24.95)

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HITLER: Diagnosis of a Destructive Prophet


By Fritz Redlich, M.D.

Copyright 1998 by Oxford University Press, Inc.
ISBN: 0-19-505782-1
Printed in the United States of America on acid-free paper.

(from the dust-jacket end-flaps)

The first biography to draw upon Hitler's medical records provides a wealth of new insight into Hitler's character

Adolf Hitler unleashed a nightmare of terror in Europe that changed the course of history and forever altered our conception of human nature. But how is it possible to understand Hitler? Hitler: Diagnosis of a Destructive Prophet begins to answer that question by providing the first analysis of Hitler's life by a trained MD and practicing psychiatrist.

Fritz Redlich, M.D., provides a full-length biography of Hitler, focusing especially on his medical and mental history and showing us precisely how Hitler's physical and mental health influenced his beliefs and behavior. Redlich engages a host of fascinating questions. Was there a history of mental illness in Hitler's family? Did he suffer from congenital abnormalities? Did he contract syphilis as a young man? What bizarre role did that disease play in his anti-Semitism? What is the history of Hitler's amphetamine abuse? Did he suffer from Parkinson's disease? Drawing upon medical records of Hitler's World War I injuries and subsequent illnesses, combined with a penetrating exploration of Hitler's writings, Redlich offers new insight into Hitler's vision of himself as a prophetic leader. The final chapter offers a psychiatric portrait of Hitler, and it is here that Redlich's analysis reveals the highly combustible mixture of denial, projection, sexual repression, paranoid delusion, and narcissistic rage that transformed Hitler from an aimless, friendless, and vaguely resentful youth into the most destructive force of the twentieth century.

Complete with illustrations, critical medical reports by Hitler's personal physicians, and a medical glossary, this book brings to light the darkest recesses of one of the world's most impenetrable minds.

FRITZ REDLICH was born in Vienna in 1910 and received his medical doctorate from the University of Vienna in 1935. He was forced to emigrate to the United States in 1938. Currently, he is Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, University of California at Los Angeles, and formerly Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Dean, School of Medicine, Yale University.

Hard-back book measures roughly ~6-3/8" by ~9-1/2" (portrait); ~1-1/4" thick; 448 pages; no tears or folds in pages; binding fully intact. Book and dust-jacket are in very-fine "NEW" condition.

Price is $19.99 U.S., (originally published at $35.00)

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Luftwaffe Propaganda


By James Wilson

Copyright 1996 by James Wilson.
ISBN: 0-7603-0261-8
Printed and bound in Great Britain.

(from the dust-jacket end-flaps)

This book is a pictorial history of the Luftwaffe that utilizes original German postcards produced between 1933 and 1945.

These postcards were produced to promote the technical achievements and might of the Luftwaffe, not only within the Reich but also to the world at large. There are a number of postcards that have never before appeared in a published form since their original release, and many carry the thoughts and hopes of both young would-be airmen at training schools and experienced pilots in the field. Together these postcards range from the better known aircraft and personalities to nameless air and ground crew and more obscure machines on which information is limited; nonetheless these are also of interest and played their own part in the build-up of the Luftwaffe.

Hard-back book measures roughly ~8-1/2" by ~12" (portrait); ~5/8" thick; 143 wonderfully illustrated pages, no tears or folds; binding fully intact. Book and dust-jacket are in fine to very-fine "UNUSED" condition.

Price is $14.99 U.S.

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By Christopher Ailsby

Copyright 1997 by Brown Packaging Books Ltd.
This edition first published in 1997.
ISBN: 0-7603-0409-2
Printed and bound in Italy.

(from the dust-jacket end-flaps)

Hitler's Third Reich is probably the most infamous administration in history. When it was finally destroyed in 1945, it left a legacy of shame and notoriety that exists still. The one organization which was responsible more than any other for establishing that reputation was the Schutz Staffel (Protection Squad): the SS. The images of the SS - the swastika and runic symbols - have become synonymous with oppression and terror. But who were the individuals who, held power in this fearsome organization, what were their backgrounds, and how did a failed chicken farmer become its leader? SS: Roll of Infamy is a complete alphabetical compendium of the individuals of the SS from the early days of National Socialism to the fall of Berlin in May 1945.

Illustrated with over 200 black and white photographs, many previously unpublished, SS: Roll of Infamy examines in detail the SS hierarchy: men such as Heinrich Himmler - Reichsfuhrer-SS and Reinhard Heydrich, Himmler's deputy. SS: Roll of Infamy is the most complete biographical volume of the SS ever published.

Hard-back book measures roughly ~7-5/8" by ~9-3/4" (portrait); ~5/8" thick; 192 pages, no tears or folds; binding fully intact. Book and dust-jacket are in very-fine "NEW" condition.

Price is $14.99 U.S., (originally published at $24.95)

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Oberstgruppenfuhrer and Panzergeneral-Oberst de Waffen SS

By Charles Messenger

Copyright 1988 by Charles Messenger.
ISBN: 0-08-031207-1
Printed in the USA.

(from the dust-jacket end-flaps)

It's hard for anyone who lived through the years which saw the emergence of National Socialism in Germany and all the horrors of the Nazi regime in the Second World War to think objectively about either the events or the personalities of that era. For those who came later, the period tends to be so enveloped in mythology that they find it hard to separate fact from fiction. Only now are we beginning to arrive at reality. In this book Charles Messenger has given us his product of deep research into that reality, drawing a broad picture of the story of the German nation from the end of one World War to the end of the next. The main thread running through it is drawn from the life and achievements of a man who, despite his close personal association with Adolf Hitler, his own humble origins and his intellectual limitations, was to prove an effective, if unusual soldier who rose to command an SS Panzer Army in the Battle of the Bulge.

It is impossible to disassociate SS-Oberstgruppenfuhrer und General der Waffen SS Josef (Sepp) Dietrich from the excesses of the Hitler regime. His position was far too close to the heart of the Nazi Party and to Hitler himself for him to have been other than an accessory after the fact of much that befell, despite his protestation that he was first and foremost a non-political soldier. Furthermore, as his story shows, he was twice convicted for brutalities as a war criminal and as a participant in "The Night of the Long Knives."

However, Charles Messenger also draws a picture of a man who was devoted to his soldiers and who led them through some of the fiercest fighting and harshest conditions in the history of the war. In doing so, Messenger has not sought to exonerate Dietrich but rather to give us as objective an account of the man's life and times as the available evidence will allow.

Hard-back book measures ~6-1/8" by ~9-1/4" (portrait); ~7/8" thick; 245 pages, no tears or folds. Book and dust-jacket are in very-fine "NEW" condition.

Price is $14.99 U.S., (originally published at $32.00)

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The Illustrated History of the Third Reich


By John Bradley

Copyright 1978 by PRC Publishing Ltd.
This edition published in 1998 by Grammercy Books.
NUMBER LINE: 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
ISBN: 0-517-16035-8
Printed in China

(from the dust-jacket end-flaps)

The history of the Third Reich still commands a degree of fascination for modern readers like no other period in the history of any other

country in the twentieth century. The demonic personality of Adolf Hitler, the brutality and terror of his regime before and during World War II will be a constant source of fascination for historians and all readers for generations to come.

The Illustrated History of the Third Reich describes the political events leading up to the Nazi seizure of power in 1933 as well as the creation of Hitler's police state. Every inexorable step which led to the outbreak of war in Europe in 1939 is described, as well as Germany's central role in World War II, including the holocaust and the collapse of Nazi Germany.

The author of The Illustrated History of the Third Reich is Dr John Bradley. His authoritative text as well as hundreds of illustrations, many in colour, a large number of which have come from private collections in Germany, make The Illustrated History of the Third Reich a collector's item and a must for the library of anyone interested in the history of the twentieth century. The Illustrated history of the Third Reich is the last word in defining the complex political, economic and social events which created and constituted Nazi Germany.

Hard-back book measures roughly ~9-1/2" by ~12-3/8" (portrait); ~7/8" thick; 256 pages; no tears or folds in pages; binding fully intact; very-minor shelf-scuffing and wear, mainly to dust-jacket. Book and dust-jacket are in otherwise fine to very-fine "UNUSED" condition.

Price is $19.99 U.S.

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