Artillery-Style Short-Sword
Musician's, Fraternal, or Cadet

This sword is one that I can tentatively identify as Masonic, although I have certain other thoughts as well (noted below).
The most distinctive feature is the hilt design and grip motif. It has a ball finial pommel (which unscrews for hilt removal). The grip displays a panoplay of arms such as suit of armor (in the Romanesque fashion) resting upon a lance as a hanger, in the background is a set of crossed halberds - polearms - and a set of crossed swords. The cross-guard ends in reverse-curl finials.
Cast solid brass-style hilt, unplated.

Overall length in scabbard is ~26-3/4"; Overall length out of scabbard is ~25-1/2"; hilt is ~5-5/8" in length, ~4-1/2 wide at the cross-guard.
Blade is ~21 in length, double-edged and unfullered. Spear-point tip.

Scabbard is black leather with brass plated throat and drag.

These are very rugged in appearance and - although I believe not intended for combat - I suppose in an emergency it was possible.
I have an image of a "musician" or "cadet" below (not included with this auction) holding a sword very similar to this one, so I suppose it could also have been used in the military for "non-combatants."
I have been told that these were used by the Master-at-Arms during various Knights of Pythias (USA) ceremonies. I cannot say for certain if this is correct, but I can say they appear in Ames Masonic catalogs as "Sword, Roman hilt, brass [optional nickel plated] handle assembly, top mount and toe piece, nickel-steel scabbard [I have seen brass-mounted leather], polished steel blade."

Condition of this example is good to very-good.

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