US Model 1904 Light Cavalry Saber

This is the third (and last) in this series of light cavalry sabers.
I have not been able to find record of actual usage, but it would have been after 1906 and very likely ended shortly therafter.
This sword was basically an "iron-hilted" version of the Model 1872 and like it's predecessor, was plagued with manufacturing problems.
The 1904 is considered a troopers saber where the Model of 1902 "Army" is considered an officer's saber (the 1902 is vastly different).
The Model 1904 has an iron hilt and is finished "in the black".
The iron scabbard is basically the same as the M1860 except the hanger rings were changed from ~8" apart to ~4" apart. I am not aware of variations.
There was another pattern being developed and tested concuerrently with this sword; it was referred to as the US Model 1904/05 "Experimental" Light Cavalry Saber. It was very short lived, but the end result led to the Model 1913 "Patton" Cavalry Sword.

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